The diaconate is responsible, under the session, for certain areas of the church’s life. These areas have to do with ministries of compassion, witness and service.  In addition, the diaconate will strive to provide for the growth of its members as disciples who bear personal witness to the love of Jesus Christ. The diaconate will also encourage active participation in the life of the church and express the mission of the church in terms of service to the individual and the family and to be creative in planning programs for fellowship and recreation. The deacons organize themselves into such committees as needed to fulfill their duties including visitation and care groups, communion elements, ushers and greeters, planning and

coordination. The deacons shall contact all members of the congregation on a regular basis and report to the session and appropriate committees. 


If you aren't certain who your Deacon is, please contact the church office at (830) 257-3310 and we'll be happy to connect you! 

Deacons currently serving include:

Karen Andersen, Peggy Curlis, Walter Curry, Melanie Houdeshell, Fred Johnson, 

Jane Lehman, Donna Lewis, Lauren Liljestrand, John Mallory, 

Tricia Matthews, Ross Newstead, Sally Peterson,  Joyce Schlechte, 

Cheryl Sieker, Rosalie Syfan, Lois Thurmond, Marilyn Vordenbaum