Church Library

The church library is open any time the Education Building is open. It is located on the second floor and is accessible by elevator or stairwell.

Let your church library help you…

  • Plan a Bible study
  • Find a book to meet a personal need
  • Locate materials to supplement Sunday school lessons
  • Assist with devotions
  • Locate resource and researh materials in the reference section
  • Find encouragement for your spiritual journey
  • Read to your children and grandchildren
  • Honor or memorialize a relative or friend with a book donation

How can I find out if the library has a book I want?

The library is arranged by the Dewey Decimal System and our card catalog system is on the computer in the library.

Books are also kept on a cart in the Education Building lobby. Check there if you do not find your choice in the library.

When I find the book I want, how do I check it out?

Books are checked out by filling out a card in the back of the book and leaving the card in the library.

Does the church library have audio visuals?

There is a small collection of tapes, slides, and videos available for checkout.

Archival Materials

There is a collection of archival materials pertaining to the history of our church. These items may not be checked out but may be viewed and used as a resource within the library.